Pressure Washing


If you are about to undergo an exterior paint renovation for your home or business, it is important for you to understand how important pressure washing services are to the quality of your exterior paint application. Morningstar Painting is a residential and commercial painting company that provides pressure washing services to clean and ready your exterior for painting!

Pressure washers expel water forcefully to remove dirt, grime, paint chips, and other substances in order to clean a surface. Pressure washing will not only make the exterior of your home beautiful again, but it may also help to preserve the lifespan of your home’s exterior because it removes harmful substances like insects, weeds, sediments, dusts, pollen, mould, grease stains, and more. Over time, a buildup of these substances can affect the integrity of your exterior structures.


Leave it to the professionals!


Pressure washers expel water so intensely they can be dangerous if not handled correctly. The pressure of the water is so great that it could injure a person if they come in contact with the water stream. There is also considerable kickback when shooting a pressure washer. You could potentially lose your footing when using a pressure washer on a ladder or unleveled surface. For these reasons and more, it’s safest to leave a pressure washing job to the professionals at Morningstar Painting.

Many people think using a pressure washer to clean up their exterior is a quick DIY job, but this is not the case. To thoroughly clean your home or business exterior and get all the benefits of an excellent pressure wash is a big job that will take up a lot of time, physical exertion, and experience with a pressure washer. Morningstar Painting can save you all the hassle and potential mishaps. We can have every inch of your property pressure washed in no time, and you will be sure to notice the difference a professional pressure wash can make to the appearance of your building!


We can use a pressure washer to:


Clean and sanitize:
playground equipment,
house siding
And more


Plant growth
And more


Morningstar Painting is proud to offer pressure washing with our Chilliwack exterior painting services. We can keep your home or business shining and clean! All kinds of outdoor surfaces like vinyl, stucco, wood, concrete, paving stones, and structures such as decks, patios, retaining walls, pool decks, driveways and outdoor furniture are susceptible to weather conditions and the wear and tear of daily use. This means dirt and grime can build up and makes these surfaces and structures look old, worn out, and unappealing. Morningstar Painting, your Abbotsford painters, can make you exterior look new again! You’ll immediately notice the difference a professional pressure wash can make for your property.

Morningstar Painting will prep the exterior of your home before we begin the painting process. This is to ensure your home is in the optimal condition for painting and you receive the best results from our precise workmanship. We will fill any small holes or imperfections, and pressure wash your surfaces to remove dirt, debris, mould, or grime, and make sure every surface is clean and ready for paint! Our Chilliwack residential painter experts pay special attention to every detail to make your home look great again!


If you are interested in updating your home or business exterior, contact Morningstar Painting today and ask about our pressure washing services! We know our quality work holds up. We’re proud to offer a 1 year labour warranty or more for select projects! If you are in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Surrey, Langley, or anywhere in the Fraser Valley and need your commercial or residential space updated contact Morningstar Painting. Call us at 604-791-8447!

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Dan was extremely professional. He arrived on time whenever he came to paint my house. He completed the job within the agreed upon time frame and estimated cost. He and his crew were very personable and even gave me tips on how to do some of my own painting. Dan’s work was impeccable and I have received compliments on the quality of the workmanship. I would gladly utilize Dan’s services again, and would recommend him to anyone.

Sarah Packer-Kwong