Small Repairs 


Morningstar Painting, your Abbotsford commercial and residential painter,  is proud to offer thorough painting services that include small repairs. The professionals at Morningstar Painting will be happy to repair structures needed in order to complete a painting project. At Morningstar Painting, we believe in completing every detail to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our quality workmanship and exceptional customer services.  That means completing small repairs that we come across while we finish painting your home, office, or commercial space. 


Filling holes

Small holes are very common and accumulate over time. They are created from hanging everything from posters to shelves, bulletin boards, or pieces of art. When you decide to change your decor or repaint your space, it’s important that you fill in these small holes. Morningstar Painting will ensure that every imperfection in your walls has been addressed before we begin the painting process. We also take the time and consideration to fix small holes on the exterior surfaces of your property.

Morningstar Painting offers exterior trim repaint services as well as interior trim repaint services. When repainting trim and during all of our painting projects, we make sure to tape every surface necessary to ensure no paint is transferred onto any other surfaces. Our highly trained staff work with absolute precision and produce flawless results! We will also fix any imperfections in the trim itself! Whether that means we need to replace a section, sand, or fill in a hole, Morningstar Painting will do whatever is needed to ensure your trim looks its best!
Drywall repair
If you want to get your home, office, or business repainted but are worried about first having to fix the dents or holes in your drywall, worry no more! Morningstar Painting will repair damage to your drywall before we begin painting. We are proud to offer Chilliwack drywall repair services, so that you can rest easy and let Morningstar Painting take care of everything. Morningstar Painting can replace or repair your broken or dented drywall and make your space look as good as new!

A beautiful fence can make a big impact on the attractiveness of your home but a broken or old fence can severely detract from the appearance of your property. Morningstar Painting offers fence panel repainting services! We can give your entire fence a new coat of paint or stain. Our professionals know that over time fence panels can become damaged or broken, so we are more than happy to repair fence panels when needed. Morningstar Painting will make your fence the envy of the neighbourhood!

Railings or Beams

Morningstar Painting offers beam and siding repaint services. We are pleased to repair any pieces of siding that are in need of some tender love and care. We can also repair any railings that have been damaged. At Morningstar Painting, we want your property to look its best, and we will step up to the plate to deliver outstanding results.

Odds and ends

Morningstar Painting will complete any small repairs we come across to leave you with highest quality results possible. Whether it’s a squeaky door that needs to be oiled, a damaged cabinet we find during kitchen repaint services, broken or old electrical covers that need replacing, or any other small repair job, Morningstar Painting will take the time to fix it. We don’t overlook anything.


If you have any small repairs that need to be fixed and want a quality painter that will go the extra mile to make sure every single detail is right, then you want Morningstar Painting, your Surrey residential painters. We know our quality work holds up. We’re proud to offer a 1-year labour warranty or more for select projects! If you are in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Surrey, Langley, or anywhere in the Fraser Valley and need your commercial or residential space updated contact Morningstar Painting. Call us at 604-791-8447!

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We had Morningstar Painting paint our home inside and out. Dan was very professional and had the work done in no time at all with no mess or fuss. We recommend Morningstar painting very highly. Thanks Dan for a great job. George & Sharlene